Let’s publish your book, Together

Hartwick Publishing is now accepting new authors through her sister company, Hartrow Publishing. It’s all the same people and resources, just under a different name.

Are we the Right fit?

We’re looking for novels in these categories:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • New Adult Romance
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Dark Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Erotic Suspense
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Fantasy Romance

What’s happens after you’re Accepted…

Hartrow Publishing will publish your novels in several territories and several languages, including French, German, and English. You’ll join the ranks of our bestselling authors such as Penelope Sky, Victoria Quinn, and E. L. Todd and see your books rock the charts!

If you’re currently a self-published author with multiple titles, Hartrow Publishing can elevate your publishing career to new heights, not just in your local territory, but everywhere! And if you’ve never published a book, that’s okay too!

Our Authors

Penelope Sky

Penelope Sky isn’t just a New York Times bestselling powerhouse in the United States. She’s one of the most popular romance authors in Europe. With books translated into eight different languages, Penelope Sky has become a global brand thanks to the resources of Hartrow Publishing. Readers in each language have stated, “Her translations are so good, I didn’t know she wasn’t a native French speaker!”

Victoria Quinn

With over 30 books in her catalogue, Victoria Quinn has been a longstanding author at Hartrow Publishing. Not only are her novels bestsellers, but she’s also had a very successful career in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. At Hartrow Publishing, we want stories to be global, to reach as many readers as possible and increase royalties for our authors and their hard work.

E. L. Todd

E. L. Todd is our contemporary titan here at Hartrow Publishing. Her books are not only insatiable here in the United States, but wildly popular in all the European countries, as well as the UK. Our most prolific author with over 100 titles to her name, her entire catalogue has been translated into French, German, and Dutch to immense success.