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Hartrow Publishing is the sister company to Hartwick Publishing, the company behind global icons like Penelope Sky, Victoria Quinn, and E. L. Todd.

With over a thousand titles in its catalog, including translations in French, German, Spanish, and Italian, Hartrow Publishing is more than an American company. With a deep passion for romance, they have titles in many subgenres, whether it’s mafia romance set on the streets of Rome or a second chance romance in a small town.

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Bad Fix

November 1, 2022

Faith swears off men after she has her heart broken, so when she starts her job with a sexy-as-hell, charming bad boy, she knows to steer clear. But she can’t resist that smile for long–even though he’s a bad fix.

Hard Fix

November 15, 2022

After her ex steals her life’s work and makes a career out of it, Lily has to start over. And in this new life, she’s done with men. When Slade makes a pass at her, she shoots him down with the speed of lightning. But Slade doesn’t take defeat so easily.

Deep Fix

November 30, 2022

Hazel hasn’t felt anything real for a long time. Her soul has been crushed–and no one understands. Until she meets Deacon…someone who understands all too well.


January 3, 2023

Coming soon.


January 17, 2023

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January 31, 2023

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